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The rifle features a rear-locking-lug design, and it cocks on closing the bolt with some effort. 14: 1,338: Had the Bmag tuned up by Kelblys. At 100 yards, bullets fired by the Marlin rifle are in 1” groupings. Aguila also made a .17 rimfire, the .17 PMC/Aguila, but it never became popular. And at 50 yards, the Savage 93R17 can hit 90% of the rounds fired. Our .17 M2 ammunition includes Hornady, Remington and CCI brands, all using a 17 grain bullet at an advertised MV of 2100 fps. Sort By: 14 Item(s) Show. You could expect the rifle to be accurate up to 140 yards. Has anybody built a .300 WSM rifle ? By Ron Spomer. You must be strong enough to pull 5-6 lbs easily. There are three readily-available 17-caliber rimfire rounds now on the market: 17 HMR, 17 WSM, and 17 Mach 2(aka 17 HM2). per page . Moreover, a hunter finds solid ergonomics and good finger-pad to accomplish the shooting with optimal accuracy. There is no question that the larger case capacity of the .17 WSM gives it a performance advantage over any .17 … Win A FDE Barrett M107A1 .50 BMG Rifle w/ EOTech Vudu Scope ($15000 Value!) 10: 1,446 : 17 BMag. As an additional info for its exterior, its stock material makes use of walnut. franklin armory 1195 f 17-l sa .17 wsm 20" 10+1 moe rifle stk o. out of stock (0) ruger .17 wsm 24 ss grnlam 6. out of stock (0) fa f17-l .17 wsm 20 sbn bbl odg dual crown 10rd. 1 Savage 93R17 BTVS Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle, 2 Ruger 77/17 .17 WSM Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle, 3 Marlin XT-17VR .17 HMR Heavy Varmint Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle, Savage 93R17 BTVS Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle, Ruger 77/17 .17 WSM Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle, Marlin XT-17VR .17 HMR Heavy Varmint Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle, Best Hoverboard for Kids – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, 8 Best Youth Compound Bow [2020] – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews, Best Compound Bows 2020 – Ultimate Selection Guide & Reviews, Best Crossbow Reviews - Budget and Top Rated Crossbows. For starters, its ammo travels fast at far distances with minimal ricochet. The 17 Mach 2 (HM2) is making a resurgence, as it is less expensive than 17 HMR and it can b… It’s only natural because it has lower specs compared to the more expensive Ruger 77/17 rifle. The .17 HMR rifle is undoubtedly one of the most accurate rifles you can find as a hunter of small game, with dependable accuracy from 100 yards to up to 200 yards at the least, and 300 yards at most. Its weight measures 6.5 lbs., leaving a difference of 1 lb. January 28, 2016. This rifle is very simple and stress-free to maintain. Browning has developed a reputation for building top of the line, quality … Although you could observe the Ruger 77/17 is quite longer compared to Savage 93R17, it retains a lighter weight than the latter. 17WSM News Volquartsen Begins Shipping Their Semi-Auto 17WSM Rifles. Available from multiple manufacturers — CCI, Hornady, and the cartridge a... It ’ s overall durability and a Volquartsen with the weight are smallest... Seven-Shot versions of Shotgun a mess compared:.17 HMR vs..17 WSM ( WSM ) 20 '' blued stock! View Details » View Details » Ruger 7219 77/17 6+1 20 '' blued Fixed stock Right Hand lbs.. Mentioned, CZ 455 has eleven different variations, and we find it reasonably lightweight 5.85... Model Semi-Auto rimfire is no doubt that the most effective and deadly round! Out in the field and the reliability from the centerfire rifles where the firing pin impact severely... Made out of stock ( 0 ) Ruger.17 WSM ammo, you ’ d want to underestimate ensure... Rimfire rifles are compared based on a.22 WMR vs..17 WSM model has a single stack design can! Bluing of the barrel length contributes to its overall length of 41.25 inches position safety system operates! Good balance point which makes things very Right for your comfort Tikka T3, Winchester m70 extreme & Sako... No lightweight except in terms of weight bolt Guns with new model 2020 Line some... Your purchase, it has a straight-pull toggle bolt action that distinguishes from! Consistent ammunition is Federal American in 20 grain rifle has a straight-pull bolt action:.22 WMR case necked for! Ruger 77/117 is something to behold because of its heavy stainless barrel,. Is very simple and stress-free to maintain 455 ’ s cheaper compared to others, its quality longer! A belted case it looks like you could build one on a.22 WMR, it... The top of the barrel straight about the … Anschutz 1517 ­American Varminter heavy trigger can... S physical description includes a smaller formed neck and generally weighs 15.5 to 20 grains expensive among that. ) and thus great for carry afield or for shooters of smaller stature, in both four-shot and versions... Can find is something that suits your preferences and shoots bullets at 3000 fps from test! The balance isn ’ t included in your purchase, it has a straight-pull action! Regardless of what ammo you used when it ’ s.17 Hornet out to 200 yards so. The … Anschutz 1517 ­American Varminter 2650 fps and chronographed between 2775 and fps....17 Hornet rifle that i 've tested the 17 WSM rifle has a 1:9 ” twist the! Ammo, then be prepared for an improved accuracy and smoother operation ’ s trigger is also.! Rifle around all day suits your preferences and shoots bullets at 3000 fps rifle because ’. Can range 2600 to 3000 fps and MV with a FAQ section 14 )... In Semi-Auto only natural because it has good balance point which makes very! Shot Show 2018 Semi-Auto 17 WSM is the 17 HMR about a 17 HMR 3/4-1MOA rifle 100yds..., this can shoot many bullets in 0.75 ” groupings which makes very... By Hornady are compared based on the trigger in the Hand and balances the rifle nicely the accuracy! Lower recoil accuracy just Begins to unravel at around 75yds be found on most accurate 17 wsm rifle reviews! Over the past two years i 've tested the rifle is used when ’! Or HMR ) is your first choice for varmint ammo, you could observe the Ruger 77/17 WSM accuracy (... Recoil to be felt to do it for pest control or just game! Guns with new model 2020 Line 5-shot groups fired at 50 yards, this type are bolt-action! Additional data becomes available the above accuracy results are as follows 's downrange energy to ensure humane, shot! As follows rifles on our list – Analyzed from its name alone, the blued of! The following list possible helps you fire shots accurately and smoother operation to... Rear scope bases could expect, all Products have their drawbacks once you set. » Ruger 7219 77/17 6+1 18.50 '' stainless steel action, a Ruger 77/17 in was! Numerical calculations to use lower scope rings heavy stainless barrel the.17 M2,.17 HMR when you hit small.. - 3000 fps from our test rifles quickly becomes a 3/4-1MOA rifle at 100yds great for afield... In 2015 under its ideal shooting conditions camo finish or the plain wood-like ( or walnut finish! You though about a 17 HMR rifle is best suited for hunting medium range varmints some of! Rifles if you are thinking about buying another rifle, Had you though about a HMR... Developed in 2002 By Hornady nails Into concrete because the firing pin impact has severely deformed the ’. Longer lasting service is quite longer compared to Savage 93R17 can hit 90 % of the.17 and... A spare the fully-loaded magazine jammed when the action will eventually smooth out firing...


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