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Malco Tools® TurboShear™ Steel Cutter Drill Attachment Uh-oh. This rugged but inexpensive … Cutting applications include ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metals, metal roofing/building panels, … ... One TS1. From the Manufacturer powered by Syndigo Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and … The time-saving TURBOSHEAR Model No. The TS1 cuts 20-gauge (1.02 mm) galvanized steel (HVAC duct work, auto body panels), 24-gauge (.63 mm) non hardened carbon steel and stainless steel (metal … Malco TurboShear Original TS1 can be inserted directly into the chuck of a standard power drill to become a power shear. View Return Policy. The rugged but inexpensive turbo shear cuts straight and to the left and makes fast cuts in galvanized steel. Regular Return. TS1 inserts directly into the chuck of a standard 1200 rpm A/C or cordless drill. Malco turboshear is easy to use and time saving. It’s that easy to convert your power drill to a power shear! What materials will the turbo shear cut? 770-405-1060 …


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