skrwt tutorial

Buried at the bottom of SKRWT’s website is a great 8 minute tutorial on using the app to correct several types of photo distortion common to iPhone photographs. Edit your image using the corner-indicators or completely free via Touch-Control.

If you're wondering where he's been lately, Marty is currently working on a project about Pink Floyd The Wall, which you can check out at INSIDE SKRWT . It’s worth a look. We’ve embedded the video here. Skew and enhance your photos within SKRWT your individual take, your creativity, your shot. Posted by Marty Yawnick | Mar 3, 2015 | How To | 2 |. The tools are located at the bottom of the screen, and you can swipe left or right to access more icons. Marty is a self-employed graphic designer in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. SKRWT v1.1 – TUTORIAL from SKRWT on Vimeo. Overview Of The SKRWT Tools Before we go through a step-by-step tutorial on how to fix perspective problems in your iPhone photos, let’s briefly look at the function of the tools that you’ll find in the SKRWT app.

INSIDE SKRWT – GO TO MRRW WEBSITE. 4-POINTS CORRECTION. The developers of SKWRT have prepared a fairly short tutorial video on how to fix perspective distortion, as well as lens distortions often created by olloclip, GoPro, and other third-party lenses. Since 2009, Life In LoFi is one of the oldest and most-respected blogs about iPhoneography (iPhone photography) and capturing the world in digital lo-fi. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Apple posts some spectacular iPhone 6 photos, Magic Hour: Choosing the best time for outdoor photography, How to Reinstall Older Versions of Apps on your iPhone or iPad, How to move your photos from Google Photos to Apple Photos, How To Make a Real (c) Copyright Symbol on Your iPhone and iPad, iPhone 101: How to Restore Deleted Apps to Your iPhone, Tip: iPhone screen brightness and image editing, The “Gray” Matters: White Balance and Using a Gray Card with ProCamera. TOUCH-CONTROL. We’ve embedded the video here. He is an avid Rangers baseball, Chicago Cubs, Packers and Highbury Arsenal fan. MRRW is integrated as an in-app extension into SKRWT. In addition to capturing random moments with whatever camera is close by (usually his iPhone), his other interests include coffee, Pink Floyd, film, music, and traveling in seats 5E and 5F with his fiancé. We recently reviewed SKRWT, an excellent photo app for iPhone that makes quick work of fixing the perspective distortion found in many wide field-of-view lenses, including the iPhone’s. Buried at the bottom of SKRWT’s website is a great 8 minute tutorial on using the app to correct several types of photo distortion common to iPhone photographs. Click past the jump for more. That’s perspective distortion.

Featuring iPhone photo news, showcases, app reviews, and the occasional musings of iPhoneographer Marty Yawnick. There are several great iPhone apps that fix this, SKRWT being our favorite at the moment. SKRWT also reduces or eliminates the round, lens barrel distortions added by many wide angle, super-wide angle, and fish-eye lenses, giving you a much nicer photograph with a wide field of view. So, what is perspective distortion? It’s worth a look.
Put simply, you know when you see a photo with great parallel or perpendicular lines, only to find later that they look angled in your photo?


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