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Interestingly, Reis’ notes backs up this theory.

On the gazelle skin parchment was a map, now referred to as the Piri Reis map . So how could it have been achieved?

The geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the Seismic profile made across the top of the ice cap by the Swedish-British-Norwegian Antarctic Expedition of 1949. This naturally led to a theory of an alien civilization or one based on the lost city of Atlantis. After filling in some of the empty areas and altering landmasses account for errors, Hapgood found that the map now had five separate equators. En éste artículo se busca explorar las más conocidas hipótesis de estas culturas, La Era Lemuriana tuvo lugar aproximadamente, entre 4,5 millones de años a.C. y cerca de unos 12.000 años. The Maps … In 1819, Fabián von Bellingshausen discovered the landmass of Antarctica for the first time. It was ultimately identified as the Piri Reis map, which incorporated the only known copy of Christopher Columbus’ map.

Others hypothesized the possible involvement of a civilization based around the Lost City of Atlantis.

For one thing, the map appears to show Antarctica almost 300 years before it was discovered. They came up with a few new conclusions.

This included notable fraudster Erich von Däniken, who parroted Hapgood’s claims that the map is proof of extraterrestrial influence. In 1513, Ottoman-Turkish cartographer and geographer Ahmed Muhiddin Piri, otherwise known as Piri Reis, set out to document the known world in map form.

Continuamos con la serie de objetos arqueológicos imposibles de ubicar en nuestra historia oficial. But this bold conclusion implied that everything we knew about civilizations was wrong. Donde estan los volcanes recien descubiertos poco mas de 90.Si es un mapa verdadero debieran figurar ya que varios de ellos superan los cuatro mil metros de altura?...Ver para creer... Eso de "continente antártico perfectamente detallado" es falso, no se parece en nada a lo actual , solo estan especulando con eso de que Piri reis tuvo acceso a fuentes misteriosas, ademas no se ve para nada la forma del golfo de mexico en el caribe, se muestra practicamente una costa recta. Based on what we know, ancient civilizations didn’t possess the tools or capabilities to map out continents on such a grand scale.

But upon closer inspection, something caught the attention of Deissmann.

por alto ríos ni montañas de un continente que todavía tardaría bastante en ser La parte norteamericana del mapa está plagada de errores, al igual que la Piri Reis Map explained by Graham Hancock The MapThe Piri Reis Map, shown below, is the oldest surviving map to show the Americas. One third of the map survives; it shows the western coasts of Europe and North Africa and the coast of Brazil with reasonable accuracy. It is our opinion that the accuracy of the cartographic features shown in the Oronteus Fineaus [sic] Map (1531) suggests, beyond a doubt, that it also was compiled from accurate source maps of Antarctica, but in this case of the entire continent. There have been countless maps discovered throughout history that have remained an enigma to both scholars and skeptics. The History Of The Piri Reis Map. The ancient map shows the western coasts of Europe and North Africa and the coast of Brazil with reasonable accuracy.

Another less-accepted theory attempts to correlate the American outline map of Piri Reis with coastal Venezuela and Brazil. Aunque los límites de las costas sean groseros y arqueados hay que decir que los colores y las formas son geniales.

As Reis used at least eight Greek maps and charts to draw up his own map, this was one possible solution. por que no hacen una aplicacion para androud y meter toda esta informacion seria genial a y nuy buena pagina, al me rica en turko sinifica "me motivo# o america o almerica o al me rica, traducido del turko reis cabeza o rey piris reis iri grande piris reis sabio o rey podria sinificar, Adoro los mapas de Piri Reis. Don't worry, we don't send spam. This site claims that it is clearly 300 years old but its provenance is older: In 1929, a group of historians found an amazing map drawn on a …

The claim that the lower part of the map portrays the Princess Martha Coast of Queen Maud Land Antarctic and the Palmer Peninsula is reasonable. to help give you the best experience we can.


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