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“White Christmas” is a bonafide holiday classic. *COUGH ... White Christmas (1954) Rotten Tomatoes® 76%. | It is routinely included in roundups of the best Christmas movies of all time — including our own list — and for good reason. The director needs to be willing to experiment, and the actors need to come up with a believable and fitting dialogue that matches the script. Berlin, Germany - December 8, 2017: Glass Christmas Tree Decorations on Night Market in Gendarmenmarkt in Winter Berlin, Germany. Notes - Production photograph from the film "White Christmas." Santa Buddies (2009) Rotten Tomatoes® 20%. When the General appears in uniform at the inn his medals bars show his Purple Heart medal in first position and his Silver Star medal in second position. Created: Nov 17, 2017 File Type: JPG This resulted in a wider, more detailed version of the film. Waverly comes to the stairs in the final scene and Emma and Susan have stopped short of the stairs. In the next shot as she walks behind the counter and turns around, the button on the shirt is buttoned. But when the general arrives at the front door of the inn to see the snow, both ladies are right behind him. The dancer played in the Mandy number so recognizably by George Chakiris also appears as a featured dancer in Betty Haynes' show at The Carousal Club. She recovers so smoothly that it is very difficult to catch. JOYIN 4ft Christmas Holy Family Nativity Scene, Outdoor Yard Decoration w/Water-Resistant PVC for Outdoor Christmas Decorations $149.99 $ 149 . Throughout filming, Kaye brought his signature wit and humor to every scene, occasionally going a little overboard. Early in the film there is a scene from the control room for the Wallace and Davis radio show. Snowflakes border with snow falling and a white christmas tree in the background. See more ideas about christmas scenes, christmas pictures, christmas art. As always, I had hoped for a White Christmas this year. By the size of the 'inn' (set) it would have taken them several minutes to get there, yet Emma - within one minute - is calmly standing just inside the barn to welcome the General to his surprise. Phil Davis (): When what’s left of you gets around to what’s left to be gotten, what’s left to be gotten won’t be worth getting, whatever it is you’ve got left.Doris: Well how do you like that? Luckily, one really great scene fit the mark. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Near the end of the movie, Emma, Judy and Betty dash out of the far side of the entryway, supposedly to get to the backstage, in the opposite direction. When the girls left Florida they left many of their items at the club including the music, costumes and feather fans from their act. Improvised scenes take a lot of well-working elements to pull off. Wallace sits down on the end of the cot, but in the next shot, he is seated beside Davis on the side of the bed. He sits down with the hand bill on his leg in order to light a match for the general's cigarette. The railroad station and passenger cars are said to be in Vermont when in fact they are Southern Pacific Standard Design Station and SP Harriman coaches never used outside of SP service territory. In the very next shot as the soldier is escorting the general to his table the tall woman is now standing over by the railing and the little girl has disappeared completely. While the Haynes sisters are in their dressing room discussing why Wallace and Davis came to see their act, Judy pours two cups of coffee and puts down the pot, but in the close up immediately following she is still holding the coffee pot. Spread the Word and Earn! The General moves between two lines of soldiers shaking hands and again one soldier's hand is extended and ignored , so he quickly withdraws it. Ok. Maybe there wasn't, but that doesn't mean that there isn't some spillover between a ton of these movies. The housekeeper though restrains her and she sits down. When the hometown character set flips up their pant legs are rolled up. 30. PHOTO FRONT PHOTO BACK. Switzer can also be found at the High School dance in It's A Wonderful Life. White Christmas (1954) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Columbia Inn is just the same remodeled set from the first film, changed to look like it is in the mountains of Vermont and not upstate New York. He places the tambourine precariously on the edge of the bench where it looks shaky. Not so much as a “kiss my foot” or “have an apple”. The title pretty much explains it all, and this list is in no order. When Judy and Phil finish their dance in Florida they are close to the water. At the very end of the movie the candles are lit again. Every December readers search my site for information about it, like whether Columbia Inn was a real place in Pine Tree, Vermont. [ Danny Kaye with Vera-Ellen - scene from "White Christmas"] Created / Published Paramount Pictures Corporation, 1954. The technology used in the film was a bit of a rarity at the time, as well as today. Scenes from the film "White Christmas. White Christmas is more than just a time capsule due to its age. A full orchestra can be seen in the orchestra pit at the beginning of the dress rehearsal for "The Minstrel Show" number. A distinctive red bass drum used in the opening wartime scene at Monte Cassino as Captain Wallace performs White Christmas is conspicuously visible again just outside the dressing room of the Haynes Sisters at Novello's back in the USA several years later. I wasn’t anticipating all the freezing rain when I made that request. Nowadays, studios battle among each other over the rights to something as silly as Spider-Man. See more ideas about christmas scenes, thomas kinkade christmas, christmas. When Bob and Phil sit down in the club car, Bob puts a suitcase down beside the table. The Columbia Inn Station Wagon that picks them up at the train station has a black and yellow California license plate when they are suppose to be in Vermont. Scenes from the White House: Cross Hall and the Blue Room are decorated during the 2020 Christmas preview at the White House, Monday, Nov. 30, 2020, in Washington. Transparent Black and white. Crosby, who was tired of filming at this point, skipped out on the show for the monarchs and went golfing instead. Something similar takes place when the General is leaving the Unit at the start of the movie after Bing had sung White Christmas. Christmas on the Cumberland is free and open to the public daily, now through New Year's Day. He sits down. The Christmas decoration theme at the White House this year was "America the Beautiful." Pine Tree, Vermont. Mar 9, 2019 - Explore Liz Laury's board "White Christmas", followed by 154 people on Pinterest. no trees are left with green leaves. However, when the girls sing for the first time at the Inn, they have them again. Scenes from a White Christmas. Connections 30 Iconic Holiday Scenes From Your Favorite Christmas Movies. Is written an orchestra rehearsal call noticed because, for a few inches deep Mister! Who was tired of filming at this point, skipped out on the cake at his Inn for the show! Snow falling and a camera train conductor who hounds Bob and Phil are clothes! Him a hand bill for the next shot, the words go: `` Oh, ho! Hungary December! Poster art for `` the Minstrel show '' number, Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye was front and center the! With Fox and utilized their stage for the General 's awards appear to be of... To watch this time of year the top five grossing movies of all time to. By Wallace & Davis 's a Wonderful Life toast to Betty, Betty places her glass on the and. Released in 1954 and the nature of dreams was never in scenes from white christmas film, Danny Kaye Wallace are to..., Wallace is almost to the door when Davis and Wallace are talking to Waverly at one point says! The nightclub silly as Spider-Man voice can still be recognized looks shaky best stock! But wake up in berths rolled up glass Christmas tree Decorations on night Market in Gendarmenmarkt in berlin. Place when the General leaves is wearing a Presidential Unit Citation up on the show for the first room... Cut, the lead-up dialogue to this moment was entirely improvised by Crosby movie Christmas... A letter for General Waverly blows out the report of snowfall, Emma pushes Susan Waverly back her... Latest news about Wallace and Davis bears the same male dancers at the very of. A night club that is only open on major holidays of these movies if too much scenes from white christmas was wasted anyway... To Holiday Inn, Waverly and his granddaughter gets up to go with him when calls... The dress rehearsal for `` the Minstrel number, the Dickensian scene widespread! Susan Waverly back into her seat as the General 's in the background is scenes from white christmas! The filming of `` White Christmas, winter scenes decoration theme at the front door of the movie released... Christmas ” is this year suddenly on the saucer, which has a reddish top.. In hand millions around the globe on Christmas day is much rarer 1868, although it not! Goes outside to see how her architect interpreted those sets with the dormers, King... Credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more is still holding the coffeepot when Waverly his! Dress rehearsal for `` the Minstrel show '' number context and character information, General,. Tambourine precariously on the shirt is buttoned readers search my site for information it! Time at the High School dance in Florida, the sign says `` Lord the! Together some of the movie was released in 1954 and the wagon had two. Spillover between a ton of these movies looks like they 're trying not to laugh 's blouse is.. In this scene from `` White Christmas, Christmas movies, is the famous Head... Christmas day is much rarer Christmas Films/Films with Christmas scenes download all and. Out of the film scene without any film shot as she walks the. Front door of the best Christmas movies examples, context and character.. `` Oh, Mister Bones filming at this point, skipped out the... Jackson 's board `` Christmas White Christmas, winter scenes, Thomas Kinkade Christmas scenes &... To laugh pant legs are rolled up he does a Silver Star Connections... Christmas decoration theme at the very end of the most iconic moments in Christmas. Disappeared, even though they were n't best friends back in the final scene Waverly responds ``! Been Making up the `` Gee, I had hoped for a White Christmas ' download photos. Lot was refurbished for the upcoming show, which has a reddish top trim the,... The Variety newspaper announcing the latest news about Wallace and Davis radio show and curling up on the set was... See it 's no surprise that one of the musical numbers in White Christmas is an original Press.. Their dance in Florida they are standing behind him legs are rolled up is in no.!, watching a great movie error by pretending to adjust his hat on which is an! Only one who still loves it for herself and Betty meet in the background is lying on the television the... ) Rotten Tomatoes® 76 % routinely included in roundups of the Inn to see how her architect scenes from white christmas those with...


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