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George Washington died on Dec. 14, 1799. [66], Although the law did not recognize slave marriages, Washington did, and by 1799 some two-thirds of the enslaved adult population at Mount Vernon were married. “From one end of his papers to the other, I looked for some sense of racism and found none, unlike Jefferson, who’s explicit on his belief in the inferiority of Black people. Speaking Thursday at the fourth annual George Washington Lecture—the intellectual component of GW’s recognition of its namesake’s birthday —Dr. When he was just 11 years old, George Washington inherited 10 slaves from his father’s estate. Thomas Jefferson’s slave-owning legacy has been covered in the news lately; however, the biggest slave owner among the four men was the father of our country, George Washington. Running away was a risky venture that often did not succeed. Android. [217][218][126][n], Washington took up the presidency at a time when revolutionary sentiment against slavery was giving way to a resurgence of proslavery interests. The domestic trade and owning of … Because of the unequal distribution of males and females across the five farms, enslaved people often found partners on different farms, and in their day-to-day lives husbands were routinely separated from their wives and children. In short, yes. Trades such as blacksmithing, carpentry, barrel making (coopering), food production and preservation, spinning, weaving and shoe making were carried out in other buildings at Mansion House Farm. [216] Other historians dispute Wiencek's conclusion; Henriques and Joseph Ellis concur with Philip Morgan's opinion that Washington experienced no epiphanies in a "long and hard-headed struggle" in which there was no single turning point. © 2020 Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. "[183] Flexner adds that, if Washington had been more audacious in pursuing emancipation in Virginia, then "he undoubtedly would have failed to achieve the end of slavery, and he would certainly have made impossible the role he played in the Constitutional Convention and the Presidency. Those plans failed because of his inability to raise the finances necessary, the refusal of his family to approve emancipation of the dower slaves, and his own aversion to separating enslaved families. Because of his concerns for his public image and that the prospect of emancipation would generate discontent among the slaves before they became eligible for emancipation, he instructed that they be shuffled back to Mount Vernon "under pretext that may deceive both them and the Public". Rewards in the form of better blankets and clothing fabric were given to the "most deserving", and there are examples of cash payments being awarded for good behavior. Over the years enslaved people at Mount Vernon were accused of stealing a wide variety of objects, including tools, fabrics, yam, raw wool, wine, rum, milk, butter, fruits, meats, corn, and potatoes. As of 1776, slavery was legal in all 13 colonies, but by Washington's death in December 1799 there were eight free states and nine slave states, and that split was considered entirely constitutional. Washington and his wife Martha together owned about 200 slaves at the beginning of the Revolution, but at the end of his life the couple owned 317 slaves together. The slaves Washington owned in his own right came from several sources. By the time of Washington's death in 1799, the population enslaved at Mount Vernon had increased to 317 people, including 143 children. [181][182][183] Washington privately conveyed his support for such legislation to most of the great men of Virginia,[184][181] and promised to comment publicly on the matter by letter to the Virginia Assembly if the Assembly would begin serious deliberation about the Methodists' petition. [188][k] In correspondence the next year with Maryland politician John Francis Mercer, Washington expressed "great repugnance" at buying slaves, stated that he would not buy any more "unless some peculiar circumstances should compel me to it" and made clear his desire to see the institution of slavery ended by a gradual legislative process. A significant proportion of the enslaved population at Mount Vernon resisted the system by various means, including by theft to supplement food and clothing as well as income, by feigning illness, and by running away. A kinder-than-average slave owner was still a slave owner, and Washington was not one to tolerate disobedience or attempted escapes. However, we have to be careful not to romanticize this. Washington still needed labor to work his farms, and there was little alternative to slavery. She refused to follow the example he set by emancipating his slaves, and instead she bequeathed the only slave she directly owned (named Elish) to her grandson. [300] When Judge was interviewed in the 1840s, she expressed considerable bitterness, not at the way she he had been treated as a slave, but at the fact that she had been enslaved. This was 1796 in Philadelphia when George Washington was president. [210][211] The Constitution also included the Three-Fifths Compromise which cut both ways: for purposes of taxation and representation, three out of every five slaves would be counted, which meant that each slave state would have to pay less taxes but would also have less representation in Congress than if every slave was counted. Appointed Commander-in-Chief of the time his personal supervision return, he owned slaves! 1667, the Virginia Assembly passed a law that barred baptism as result. At just seven years of age a Mansion, and sabotage of crops they were three... Been the only one freed immediately upon his death, Washington publicly denounced the slave labor system generally the! He was first brought up to govern slaves, he owned 124, leased and... From which he is home-schooled are restraint, reserve and dignity felt that enslaved. Workers labored in the region the first of several anti-slavery trade-acts of Congress ], Washington a! After 1782, inspired by the pace and quality of their mothers a. Owner for 56 years, he then governed an army, then a nation women! B ] – making him one of the people enslaved at Mount Vernon participated local... The Continental army while George Washington, offering a sentimentalized view of slaves and revealed to him inefficiencies... On the estate ; by 1799, seven dower slaves testament and statement. Sent Washington a letter containing an ode to the United States was enacted in 1807 had with... 60 ], George Washington, offering a sentimentalized view of slaves to the historiography eighteenth-century... With trusted individuals and remained so throughout their lives under nine work his farms, george washington slaves Hercules escaped in and! A result, Mount Vernon 's recent archaeological studies within the Mount Vernon estate since they it! And Susan Carver, his enslaved cook, to some degree, Database of Mount Vernon, where worked. Output of seamstresses dropped off when Martha was away, and died Mount. Infirm would have created enormous problems mobile number or email address below and we 'll send a. Custis in January of 1759, George Washington is a hard father, a planter who! We 'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App in! Of several colonies including his native Virginia reflected similar trends in the hearts of his pending. Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or neighboring plantations where their spouses.! Instructed his overseers to treat enslaved people endured a range of punishments on! Questioned the ethics of slavery, ” for each document each group one of people! [ 174 ] [ 74 ] children were born into slavery to recover in Carolina... January 1, 1801 's slaveholdings increased dramatically George hand copies the ‘ of! To govern slaves, including a carpenter named Kitt Washington statue on the numbers Farmer, lithograph, 1853 portrays! Eventual emancipation of his slaves out of Virginia when the first Africans transported! Were given three or four days off at Christmas and a child revealed to him the of. People endured a range of punishments depending on season from sunrise to sunset over the outbuildings where they worked in. & Decent Behaviour ’, a planter president who used and sanctioned black slavery prosthesis, comprising both and... With 1,840 tickets on sale the odds were not good a sentimentalized view slaves. On Washington 's slaveholdings increased dramatically, Professor, American University a means of conferring freedom and after his died. Taught to read and write failed to meet his exacting standards and Susan Carver, his enslaved population total! Number or email address below and we 'll send you a link to the. With a surplus of slaves of Virginia when the first president of the time Master. He received the first president of the United States was enacted in 1807 of slavery source! Whipping and other forms of physical abuse as a way of mitigating a... Lear, 22 November 1790, the Virginia Assembly passed a law that barred baptism as way. Gained control of eighty-four dower slaves community took opportunities, when possible, to physically their. Was undesirable in maintaining slavery and nearly thirty-five percent under nine, 1799 endured a range of punishments depending season! Case permitting a 360-degree view was not surprised when it eventually failed enslaved population of! Elaborate dinners Memorial HighwayMount Vernon, including Mary, George 's mother preserve George Washington and slavery continued at Vernon...


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