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We understand that this may make it difficult in planning your Return-to-Play strategies, so to that point, our continued recommended course of action is that you follow your county and state executive orders and public health guidance with regards to community interactions and access to facilities. AYSO United Welcomes Paul Bright to Leadership Team American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) and AYSO United are pleased to announce that Paul Bright has joined the organization as the National Director of Coaching for AYSO United. Good Sportsmanship. resource website. One player from each team; center official; no handshakes; physical distancing.

National Partners < > Important Links. Today, the AYSO Very Important Player (VIP) program is in 75 locations with 1,500 players. Today, it’s nationwide, with girls making up 40% or more of AYSO’s playing membership. Some may have guidance on the return of youth sports, but many will not. Training is available for coaches specific to the different age groups they will be working with, recognizing that the needs of an under-10 team are very different from those of an under-19 team. The volunteer force is mainly parents who give up their time to be coaches, referees, administrators and fund-raisers. $5.95 AYSO Embroidered Brushed Cotton Cap: $12.00. AYSO/AYSO United Return-to-Play Notice Download here – English This information does not constitute permission to return to play, therefore, please consult your local state and public health guidelines.

Have an action plan in place, in case of notification of a positive test result. This information does not constitute permission to return to play, therefore, please consult your local state and public health guidelines. that can be found here. Health consequences may be long-term, which is why until COVID-19 is either eradicated or a vaccine developed, there is no way of eliminating the risk of infection. quality youth soccer programs where everyone builds positive character through participation in a fun, family-oriented soccer environment’ (from the AYSO mission statement).

The organization’s passion for inclusive soccer is demonstrated by two of their early landmarks: The first AYSO girls program was developed in 1971 as a local initiative. The related Suit-Up program encourages more affluent Regions to help fellow Regions in financial need by donating new and slightly used uniforms.
This document is intended to provide AYSO/AYSO United membership with information that will assist you in developing your Regional/Club Return-to-Play programming within the ongoing situation of COVID-19. NOTE: The use of these guidelines is subject to whether operating such a program would be allowed in a particular state/county/city. The imbalance between the experienced players and the new influx led to the development of the ‘balanced teams’ concept. A Graduated Approach Based on Federal, State and Local Guidelines. PLEASE NOTE: This is a live document and is subject to change.

Do not share whistles or, if possible, any other referee equipment. Help team/teams adhere to AYSO Safe Haven supervision guidelines. After the game, applaud the players and coaches, but handshakes are not permitted; fist bumps/elbow bumps are not recommended. Balanced Teams. $5.95 AYSO Referee Tee: $20.00. The American Youth Soccer Organization is dedicated to providing: –. Today, there are over 50,000 teams in AYSO, with over 650,000 players and AYSO is in all 50 states and some US territories. $4.95 AYSO Embroidered Beanie - 12" $15.00. If you have any questions, please contact us at AysoFlagstaff257@gmail.com. Open and invitational tournaments are regularly held at all levels – Region, Area, Section and nationally, but the emphasis is always on participation rather than win-at-all-costs. Clearly label your child’s water bottle and personal items.

Player Development. No handshakes with coaches, players, or spectators. Team-Up. Avoid activities and events such as off-site competitions or excursions. AYSO VIP Soccer Tee: $12.95. Stay at least 6 feet away from non-household members.

: grid work, technique in isolation, etc.) Upon completion of the match, wash hands with soap or alcohol-based solution for at least 20 seconds. The recommendations rely on a combination of rules and regulations set forth by public health authorities, as well as internal and external experts and other youth sports agencies. AYSO's Mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment. The AYSO philosophy is summarised under six headings: AYSO is now one of the largest single-sport youth organizations in the USA, with the work being shared by a small full-time staff at its National Support and Training Center in Hawthorne, California … and 250,000 volunteers. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue when coughing or sneezing. Attempts to classify national tournaments as ‘championships’ have been strongly defeated. ABOUT US. The information in this document is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, it is for general information purposes only. ‘Open registration’ was the way to encourage as many children as possible to join the first AYSO league. $2.95 Agora Referee Pro Level Socks - Pair: $12.00 . No physical greetings with their teammates (verbal acknowledgement is expected, we are physical distancing not social). Set! With so many playing members and their families to coordinate, great administration is required at the AYSO. All coach training is certified, and is to professional standards with manuals and coaching aids all under constant review. Sanitize all equipment (ball, cleats, shin guards, etc.) Positive Coaching. Limit the use of carpools or van pools, and limit passengers to household members. AYSO has created guidelines/booklets for Alternative Play Models and COVID-19 modified Coaching Activities (i.e. Communicate drop off, waiting and pick up protocols for parents to facilitate appropriate social distancing while providing for the safety of all participants. We also encourage you to connect with your fellow youth sports leagues in the area to both coordinate efforts and messaging to your families.

Wearing a face mask is recommended for the duration of the practice/games. AYSO referee training is not just designed to teach the rules of the game, but to ensure that games are played in a safe and enjoyable environment. Wear a cloth face covering that covers your nose and mouth in public settings. Wearing a face mask is recommended for the duration of the practice. Ready! Do not assist coach with equipment before or after training. In addition to the core training programs for coaches, referees and administrators, AYSO runs a number of special programs: AYSO encourages the ‘spirit of the game’ over the pursuit of trophies, but recognizes that soccer is a competitive sport. Teams might consider having the same group of players stay with the same coach or having the same group of players rotate among coaches. AYSO Referee Central; SUMMER SOCCER UPDATES; Content. Schedule practices with ample space for physical distancing. Ensure your child is healthy. It’s more challenging and it’s more fun! *A designated volunteer or team parent can be added to help assist coach in accordance with the same health and safety guidance designated for the coach. Avoid group events, such as games, competitions, or social gatherings, where spacing of at least 6 feet between people cannot be maintained. If shared, wipe down the handles of flags with an alcohol-based rub or wash with soap and water. Modified. Contact Us. In order for players to get the most out of soccer, each player is encouraged to develop their soccer skills and knowledge to the best of their abilities, both individually and as members of a team. No physical greeting of players (verbal acknowledgement is expected). No sharing drinks or use of water fountains at facility (players should mark their own water bottles). Referee training is taken very seriously at AYSO, with a structure comprising not only six levels of training for volunteer referees, but training for referee instructors, referee-specific administrators and referee assessors. Please find a waiver here that you must use in your Region/Club as part of our Return-to- Play plan. Utilize technique in isolation exercises, grid work, fitness and spatial awareness to limit physical contact between players (. Drop off and pick up players with special care given to the presence of children coming to and from the activity and receive verbal acknowledgement from the coach each time. The AYSO coach who signed up the first player with Down Syndrome in the mid 70s probably didn’t realise they were starting a chain of events that would lead to soccer being introduced into the Special Olympics. Set! resource website. The American Youth Soccer Organisation (AYSO) is a national non-profit organization that provides children between 4-1/2 and 19 the opportunity to play soccer and get soccer coaching. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. AYSO teams are formed to be as evenly balanced as possible to ensure teams play teams of equal ability. Stay positive and create a fun environment in this new normal. We look forward to the 2021 Summer Season!

Check Region and Coach communication regularly. Uniform Sizing ... AYSO National; KidZone Report! We understand that each Region and Club’s access to resources varies greatly and as such, the information below is not regulatory but is intended to give you a starting point for thoughtful conversation and consideration amongst your Regional and Club Boards as you develop your local strategy. The two core programs AYSO runs for its members are the Coaching Program and the Officiating Program. As information changes daily with COVID-19, AYSO does not claim or assume responsibility for the entirety of this information.

AYSO/AYSO United Return-to-Play Notice Download here – English.


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